Being a parent is hard work. Like really REALLY hard work. It’s a full-time 24 hours, 7 days a week job that you can never quit. Even if you can physically step away to a night out or a kid-free vacation, you’re still emotionally and mentally a parent, *every minute*. For all the positive moments of love, wonderment, and pride, there’s a whole lot of stress, exhaustion, and irritation. Kids test our patience, wear down our sanity, and change our lifestyles and parts of ourselves.

This is a place for every parent who agrees that despite being so cute, children can sure take a lot out of you. The menu tabs of Relate, Laugh, and Space, are aimed at finding humor in parenting, being reminded you’re not alone, and tips for helping you prevail through the week. The Food tab shares with you my family’s quest to find more plant-based, lower sugar, unprocessed, and local eating choices.

*There’s one more tab, Simpler Living that while a bit of a tangent, has become a large part of this blog. A few months after beginning this blog a series of life conversations and events led my family to intentionally downsize both our home and possessions. A journey we continue to actively progress on and share with you what we’ve learned from our experiences in our small manufactured home, reducing our waste, finding durable products, and tackling DIY projects.

So, Welcome! Follow the tabs for what you need, and lets Relate, Laugh, and Prevail, Together.

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