1. Ann
    September 6, 2018 @ 4:54 pm

    While the mill is wood on the outside, the inside where your grains are being milled is plastic.Also,there is no natural corundum-ceramic burrs from doing some research,but I also understand that there is no heat involved, so it should be safe.


    • Prevailing Parent
      November 1, 2018 @ 10:24 am

      Hi Ann! While I can attest to the use and function of the mill, I reached out to Pleasant Hill Grain (where I bought my Komo mill from) for a better response regarding the mill construction. Here is a copy/paste of their reply: “KoMo mills do combine the best of modern mechanical construction with gorgeous beechwood cabinetry. A wooden milling chamber would be much less than ideal, because modern materials are better for that purpose in every way: stronger, longer lasting, and exceptionally hygienic. Modern composite milling stones also provide advantages in long life and outstanding cutting performance. KoMo mills come with a very long 12 year warranty, a great indication of their reliability.”


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